Want to give your customer an unforgettable experience this holiday season?Add these ingredients to your recipe.

Have a checklist ready yet?  Come this December, busy days and haunting nightmares are alien-no-more if, you are a retailer. Whether  a yes or a no! here are a few out-of-the-ordinary means to promote, that you might want to consider adding to the already lengthy list of things to do.

Let’s call it the “have you considered?”

1.Offering food

Food brings people together. My Christmas was incomplete if I didn’t get my share of sweets from a hardware store that opened up in my locality; they offered to customers and passersby (all in the same size, no kidding!). Soon, he would have almost the entire locality buying hardware accessories from him. More the reason to believe, small gestures although unrelated to your business help build relationships.

2. Giveaways

Something to remember you by! Let’s think psychology here. Your customer could be anybody; form a stylish stud to the busy businesswoman or a health nut to the Grizzly Adams type. Personalizing works wonders! A health subscription or quirky socks will do, doesn’t have to be extravagant. But, make sure you have a decent relationship before you send them out.


3. More…

  • Creating valuable content? Make sure it’s engaging, built around your product and contextual so you can measure, to optimize results.
  • Make a video.

A creative video will go a long way! Stupid, trivial subject or humorous is for you to decide. The idea could be simple and genius if there’s a brilliance in executing it.

  • Collaborate with a brand to run a campaign.

Proof you ask? Lenovo and Yuwa, a not for profit organization and GoPro and Red Bull who have mastered the art of innovative collaboration. Come up with “the prefect blend”! Be it shared values or history, one should complement the other to make sense. One of your greatest advantages will be exposure to a brand-new audience.

Make them smile, remember to be fast and friendly.

Lastly, just get started!