Let’s be clear on two things:

One, we got a bunch of ‘Peters’ – DilipJephJibin – the rocks and pillars that we built WeavedIn on!

And, about hell, what can we say? Unlike Jesus, our casting isn’t that powerful and we sort of like some parts of hell. 😉

Coming back to the blessings! Oh God, you have blessed us with with some awesome folks, who made what is this company, its culture and its perspective. 

WeavedIn mostly started to take form in its current shape after we had Jeph, Dilip and Jibin joining us. Each one of us joined and contributed to the culture of  WeavedIn and its perspective, of what we stand for. With absolute clarity, we can proudly say that we have built one of the best POS and Retail suite globally, which will now extend to be one of the largest distributed in the world during the coming years.

When we say that we have been lucky, it’s because we have been showered with people like Evan, Avikshith, Pavan,Sagar, Naveen..who owned their shit and executed it with brilliance in a restricted environment of time and money. 

Another set of people by whom we have been valued and cherished are our investors.

Sanju (EKK Construction), Anuj (Ex-Flipkart), Varkey (Ex-Cisco), Akash Ray, Nirjay Ray (BCG) and Savio who stood by us and believed in us when no one did. 

Let us go back and use a bunch of cliches without which we don’t think we can express the next part. 

Today is first day of a lot many greater things to follow. We have a greater canvas, we have access to one of the largest ecosystem in the world and we have people who entrusted us with even bigger things. So let’s do ‘Epic Shit’! 

To end, it’s only apt to let us quote another ‘Peter’.

“Don’t Fuck Up the Culture” 

– Jacob & Jose