Before many of your customers get too overwrought to reason or make the right decisions planning for the celebration of love and commercialism of the same, you should swoop right in and save the possibility of what could be an overrated disaster on Valentine’s day!

Now, from observations, research and surveys conducted to predict spending patterns, it was also evident that Valentine’s day fever starts from the first of February, comes to a crescendo on the 14th of the month and gradually wears off by the 20th. Giving you three weeks time to spoil your customers with choices. Here are the trends, numbers and hacks for the day!

Gifts gifted on the Valentine’s day have a long and bizarre history. From chocolate and condoms to cards and cats, there is no one way to express your love for somebody.


Most popular search terms on Google:

People sure want to express in ways other than by words, but will never miss out on them however they decide to do so. Kinky fact : How to propose saw a 100% spike in the year 2016.

Most searched/given gifts

Most searched drinks

Places most travelled to


Do not take search trends lightly- It could make  a big difference even if you’ve been investing in very little SEO.

How to use Google trends-

-Dig deeper to find real-time marketing opportunities, what more than results from more than 100 billion search results can we ask for? You can even choose your own time frame.

-Predict what is spiking peoples interest. Mark days and events on your calendar that can be used for good marketing. Twitter is a great way to flaunt your spontaneity. Twitter evolved over the years, from a wholly social-media platform to a news feed and much more. I use Twitter because news from all around the world reaches me the fastest that way. I’d call it news with no-filter and that’s exactly what I’m looking for when I’m on Twitter.

In SEO, as great examples and exceptions alike suggest that, being proactive works wonders.

Days like these( Valentine’s Day) Google AdWords always proved to increase website traffic. Most experts prefer it because of measurability, but there is also a catch to everything and here’s how you can make sure you don’t fall prey.

  • Start early. It takes a certain amount of time to climb up on the Google index. Keeping this in mind, decide on your keywords and never stop testing.

How to choose your keyword-

This is what Google understands by :

  • Exact Match- This is where your keyword matches exactly with the search query. VERBATIM.
  • Phrase Match- Your keyword has to appear in the same order as it is typed in the search query. Remember SAME ORDER.
  • Broad Match- Your Ad appears when the search query is relevant to your keyword.
  • Broad match modifier- It’s a hybrid between Broad match and Phrase match. For your Ad to appear, every keyword HAS TO BE in the search query.

Although they will, try to make sure your Ads don’t, show up for too many irrelevant search results. Master the art of topic, contextual and interest targeting. Structure your campaigns smartly- The secret is to keep testing!

Social Media is another way to reach out; your audience will not be limited to geography. Facebook also helps you setup your shop online, add items and manage your store in a few clicks! Make sure you  have something for everybody unless your products only cater to a narrow segment of the virtual audience.

Remember it’s a day to celebrate an emotion and there are more than a million and one ways of doing so. There’s is no business, product or thing too off the subject on Valentine’s day if the right chord is struck with the message.

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