The last time you came across these words- psychology in retail, didn’t you think “I’m not buying this”? Well, I did! Beyond store aesthetics, I didn’t know how anything else would affect customer behavior. Intrigued by how even the minutia in a store such as the genre of music played in the background or the color of shelves influenced behavior, I started digging deeper into the psychological aspects of customer experience.

The human mind, although fickle, stubborn or easily influenced, works in predictable ways. Big discounts might not be the only way to seduce you customer this season!

The things that matter:

The perfect acoustics-

We’re talking the “Symphony Hall” kind. Your choice of music should depend on the products you sell. Music played need not be popular or familiar. If you sell motorcycle accessories, rock music or even metallic is a good idea! Remember to have sense of timing to compensate for the unpredictability in mood.

Be mindful of the volume. Over the years, researchers have noted that high volume music in supermarkets results in an increase in quantity purchased while slow music slackens the pace. Again, keep in mind that preferences vary with age, income, lifestyle, geography etc.

Imagine how it feels to walk into a sports store with the peppy ad songs of Nike or Adidas playing in the background? Music motivates and helps make bold decisions (maybe loosen the purse strings too!), impulsive buying being a natural consequence. Sounds like a set-up? It is! Your customer should be, to who, a beautiful gush of emotions from listening to their favorite Kishore Kumar or Muhammad Rafi song come to when they enter the store.

The perfect layout-

A visual delight it is, is what it is! The concept of atmosphere and aesthetics is not limited to the size of your store or just the display window. To explore what’s visually pleasing is human nature. What’s with all the hype around this subject? Let’s start with a window display. The first thing they look at, a window display, is a way to establish an instant connection with your potential buyer. Say they are quite impressed and walk in. You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to lure your customer. You could go wrong, and it’s only natural to, after all! An employee could give away the wrong signal, confuse one item to another, anything could happen. But, why go wrong where you could absolutely, make no mistake? Mesmerize, with color, design and all other things that could, even remotely, trigger neurological effectiveness and the subconscious.

Harness the powers of psychographic marketing methods, not just for competitive advantage but for the long term impact on your customer.