Giving each and every one of your customers what they want. If you were wondering how that is even possible, then visit a nearby mall, you’ll notice for yourself!

Mass customization combines the flexibility and personalisation  of custom-made products with the low unit costs associated with mass production. Mass customized products may also be referred to as made to order or built to order.

Pine, in his Harvard Business Review piece entitled Beyond Mass Customization, advised businesses to take their offering and break it apart into modular elements, similar to LEGO blocks. According to Pine: What can you build with LEGO bricks? Anything you want, thanks to the large number of modules (of different sizes, shapes, and colors) and the simple linkage system for snapping them together.

B. Joseph Pine II (1992) described four types of mass customization:

  • Collaborative customization- also considered co-creation
  • Adaptive customization
  • Transparent customization
  • Cosmetic customization

Here’s how Nike does it-

Through its NIKEiD service, Nike gives customers a truly personalized footwear experience, allowing them to build their own pair from scratch.

NIKEiD is an online service that allows customers to create their own gear by customizing color, design and performance features to get their gear exactly as they want it. Customers will have to pay $170 for the option. The new service fits in perfectly with Nike’s focus on its direct-to-consumer strategy to bring more profits to the brand.