Panasonic’s Reji robo

In Short for register robots — a new automated checkout system that scans and bags your groceries for you!


With Reji Robo instead of dealing with a person, you’ll be dealing with a robot. A bar code reader is attached to the computerised shopping basket which later syncs to the robot during checkout. Customers can scan merchandise to keep track of their purchases.

How does Reji Robo work?

-Pick all the items you need

-Drop them in your basket

-Place the basket on Rejo Robo

-Your basket has a sliding bottom allowing the items to be dropped inside

-Gently dropping into a plastic bag while you pay using cash or card.

Panasonic is currently piloting the system at a Lawson outlet in Osaka, Japan, where it is headquartered. The concept claims to cut down labor costs by 10% according to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper.

Where would it work?

The system “could bring a revolution to the broader retailing industry,” Lawson President and COO Sadanobu Takemasu told the told The Wall Street Journal. “We all face a scarcity of labor.”

Self service checkout kiosks have been around for a long time. It’s only for time to tell if this concept is going to work in other parts of the world as well.


When you visit Japan, make sure you say hello to Reji!