Great products have been put together by connecting the synergistic effects of passion for various things. One such creation is Wolfpack Outdoors by Rajesh Ramakrishnan, Aravind Venkataram and Arun Nayaham . All of whom refused to ignore their true calling.

Change is inevitable, change is necessary, add innovation to change and we all know what fuels the bandwagon of  the fashion industry where competition knows no boundaries. Operating in this space not only demands tremendous drive and perseverance, but expressiveness. In what a brand conveys, everything from getting the  tagline right to what a product is made of is consequential and seldom do they get this right!

Wolfpack Outdoors started off as a way to spread awareness, to express and tell the world that you know and that you care, that they’re only 3890 tigers left in the world or fewer than 100 Sumatran Rhinos left in the wild. Besides the ravishing prints, Wolfpack lets you make a statement with the clothes you wear. After surveying responses to the unique combination of clothing that enthuses love, passion and understanding for the outdoors, this pack of three wolves dreamt bigger and made sure to realise them.

The road had to be laid, from one to many.

Initially, the plan was to open an online-store, but the store in Koramangala is the result of an early realization; of the significance of customer experience and how it could help convey the message better.

The first step

great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people-Steve Jobs

“We employ only those that believe in what we sell, those that can sell a story, not clothing” says Mr. Rajesh. So, the lack of team cohesiveness, Out-of-sight-out-of-mind syndrome or the Loss of spontaneous communications-, or any problems related to people-management are taken care of.

The problems of centralised store management : How they play their cards right?

  1. Local efficiency at it’s best- Decision making is taken care of by immediate responses and the emphasis is on the importance of communication in decision making.
  2. Limited commitment- Level of loyalty is often limited- Well, franchising would eliminate this problem to a great extent. We’re looking to collaborate with travel and adventure clubs. We are not like Nike or Adidas, we are what you wear after you get back from the expedition, we want to get that right, he explains.
  3. Poor creativity- No worries here! All the conceptualisation and designing in done in our Bangalore office. We bring the best people on board. There’s no compromising with quality anyway!
  4. Resistance to change- We are growing and it’s important that we constantly get better. Anything that prohibits interjection of new blood or new ways of viewing things that contribute to effective organizational changes will never be encouraged. We are a business that believes in evolving with what is around us.
  5. Hard to reach areas – Unlike others , locations are far out in the wild. From holiday destinations to stores in guesthouses by the wildlife sanctuary, WeavedIn’s centralized management helps us hold our business together in one.

The way forward

Kiosk Vs Full Service Retail Store- Setting up kiosks at relevant locations is a great way to spread brand awareness, but comes with it’s own set of challenges. This is on their agenda and you’ll see for yourself in the time to come.

What differentiates exceptional  from the rest is the extra mile, an extra hour and the courage to take that leap.

One such models Wolfpack has had the audacity to accept was the offline aggregator model.

  • Why the model is being implemented

To spread, all over the country, we decided it’s better done this way than any other. Online aggregators are in plenty, we are bringing the same concept offline. Most retailers who look for distributors and they would never know who or where their end customer is. We’re still young, building a brand now is most pivotal to withstand the test of time.

Technology opens doors to possibilities

With Weaver

The transition-

  • how did the users of the software (employees) react to change?

They were the happiest. Especially when we had to expand rapidly, Weaver saved us days and months in training.

  • Were they able to adapt to a new system ?

Yes. It’s was easy!

  • Was it challenging to make the change?

Not even slightly! I would be worried if a chunk of my resources went into setting up the system. Weaver needed  close to nothing from our side. It didn’t even need any hardware!

  • What changed- after Weaver ?

“Weaver helps me be proactive.”

With Weaver the odds are in your favor!

  • Are you able to manage the store better?

Most definitely. With all the customization to suit Wolfpack, the simple interface, vendor management, how robust, functional and powerful it is has made, business easy, but life easier!

  • Does it make people management better?

From my employees to the customers I serve, everyone loves how up-to-date we are. Thanks to Weaver!

“My experience with Weaver has been great. I’m relieved, unlike the other software I’ve used, Weaver is smart and needs minimal manual intervention” says the manager, Mr Gautam.

  • Does it help you “purchase, sell and manage” all aspects of your store?

Yes! From managing inventory to reports, everything is taken care of.

  • Does it save you time and make business a lot simpler than usual?

I don’t even have to worry about contacting my vendors. The very reason I chose Weaver was because it made doing business so-very-simple and smart. With stores in locations like we operate in, we needed a powerful and smart system.

  • How can Weaver help your business better?

I would like more reports. With growth, the organizational requirements for smarter reports emerge. Consolidated reports on inventory- fast moving, slow moving in different locations and stock transfer or attenuated logistics would save us a lot more effort and time we put in.  

Technology is not too far from being the strongest competitive advantage in retail and we all know that it’s here to stay!