As the saying goes, “a lot can happen over coffee“, it truly does at Café Kothi. It is one of the many new cafes that have come up in the quaint, friendly and bustling city of Jaipur. Insia Lacewalla, the Business Head of the venture, comes from Marketing, PR & Communication background and has worked with the likes of OML in the past. Further on, she has also explored the F&B industry by turning entrepreneur and owning her own venture, Small Fry Co., in Mumbai.

28 Kothi and Café Kothi were aimed to create a comfortable and unique space for people to unclench, discuss dissent, and catch up with old and new friends in the heart of the Pink city or even work. Being one of a kind boutique café with the lush green surrounding, unique architecture and brill customer service have established it as a favourite for the regular customers.

It is true that the human touch of such services is what wins hearts but what lies at the heart of this wonderful joint? At the heart of the great customer experience that Café Kothi provides, lies Weaver. This suite of components helps the café manage all its operations right from menus to order procurement, and from quality to customer service.


I cannot imagine Café Kothi without Weaver’’, says Insia Lacewalla.

In the words of Insia herself, “Weaver has been absolutely vital to the restaurant’s success as it makes all the functions simple and the easy to use interface has made all of the restaurant’s staff become familiar and comfortable with it”. She feels that at the end of the month it is really helpful to work out on the demands of customers and the most liked dish. Data being the driver of customization, Café Kothi is now coming up with a whole new summer menu based on the database they have on Weaver.

Weaver provides business managers and different stakeholders a real-time view into metrics such as profits, sales, inventory, recipes and vendor performance so that restaurants can spend more time with customers.

Our experience with Weaver has been amazing! Our staff can use it very easily and so can I. It helps us in knowing the profit and sales and we can work accordingly. There is no need to do anything manually and the customer service from Weaver is commendable!” says Neha Jain, Manager at Café Kothi, on her experience with Weaver.

WeavedIn helps businesses like Café Kothi focus strongly on customer service, daily operations, marketing and business management so that they can freely do what they do best which in this case is enlighten lives with moments to cherish. In the end, it is all about making the customers happy and it is no rocket science!

CNTraveller featured 28Kothi in the Top 12 India’s Hottest New Hotels in 2017:

What happens when you get a top Indian jewellery designer, a Mumbaikar who builds cosy neighbourhood bars, a French architect, and a Lebanese interior decorator together in the heart of Jaipur? You get 28 Kothi, a charming five-room boutique guesthouse with latticed windows, hand-painted murals, and a thoroughly modern style. A highlight is the organic vegetarian menu. Good to know: It also houses the first spa by Pahadi Local, an Indian brand of natural products straight from the Himalayas. Get a massage with gutti ka tel (apricot kernel oil).

Source: CNTraveller

Do pay a visit to Café Kothi when you are around in Jaipur!

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