Walk into a store, pick-up all you need, confirm your purchase and leave, before you know it, the technology recognises what you’ve picked up. Eliminating the need for human interaction in shopping, Amazon Go has made waves when the suspense finally broke on 5th December 2016.

Although Amazon Go stores are not open to public yet, from the Demo Video, there’s  evidence of what Amazon is trying to achieve- Cut down on labour costs. However it’s unclear how many people a Go store will need- to be up and running. It’s major attraction still remains the promise of a wait-free checkout.



According to statements and denial of expansion plains to various media houses, as stated in an article by Andrew Melville in Forbes – Amazon Go Is About Payments, Not Grocery

It’s clear that the E-Commerce giant is looking at the bigger picture. It goes without saying that everything Amazon has done is directly linked to driving traffic to their website. Amazon is no stranger to the highly competitive payments platform. Having launched their own payments platform in 2013, along with their  Payments partner program early last year, taking on PayPal with the others and  encouraging more and more vendors to join, allowing the customer to purchase across platforms and retailers with a single Amazon login.


What’s all the hype about?

No human interactions, no wait time, no stress  and makes life easier- Tell me if that does not qualify for REVOLUTIONARY!

There might be competition from those that are trying to use robots that bag your groceries for you to virtual carts, ultimately automation and reducing human interaction is the overarching end goal.

What will the future look like?

Amazon has denied reports  by The Wall Street Journal indicating that Amazon eventually hopes to open 2,000 such stores dependent on the the success of the new test locations”.

There is undoubtedly immense value in the technology, but beyond no-wait checkouts, customer experience and no need for human intervention, what more could it change in the retail industry?