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Coffee Cahoots with WeavedIn in Jaipur – The Pink City

As the saying goes, "a lot can happen over coffee", it truly does at Café Kothi. It is one of the many new cafes that have come up in the quaint, friendly and bustling city of Jaipur. Insia Lacewalla, the…

A guide for Non-Tech Founders to choose the right engineers

For someone who has seen a good number of ups and downs of hiring tech talent, I could give you a good thirty minute talk on “How to go right with your first few tech hires!” I love this conversation…

Introducing The Weaver Dashboard Application- For all your needs

The Weaver Dashboard Application Meet The Weaver Dashboard Application, where we give you the convenience of accessing all your information in a beautifully simple way in real-time. All you need is a connection to the web. There are many challenges in operating…

We “googled” it for you- Here’s why you need a POS system!

We will not give you the long humdrum on why a POS system is important for your business. Instead, we put together the best of what you might have spent hours reading or should we say googling. (more…)

Going digital- The opportunities and where to start

People are spending over 3 hours online every single day, that’s 90 hours in a month! There has been a fundamental and profound shift to digital in India. What do the growing number of online opportunities mean for your business?…

7 Internet terms for beginners

You can now make sense of what you've always taken for granted. Here are a few fundamental internet terms for that you've been using for as long as you can remember, but didn't know what they (more…)

Mass Customization- All you need to know

Giving each and every one of your customers what they want. If you were wondering how that is even possible, then visit a nearby mall, you'll notice for yourself! Mass customization combines the flexibility and personalisation  of custom-made products with the low…

All you need to know about Green Retailing

Eliminating waste. Increasing efficiency Reducing Costs. Starting from as small environment friendly packaging material, giving your customers reusable shopping bags instead of plastic and implementing energy efficient practices like using renewable sources of energy to power operations is considered green…

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